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Brian Phelps is a long-time friend of the Phineas and Ferb family, having guest starred with his then-radio partner Mark Thompson. The friendship has continued through Phelps’s current podcast with Jill Whelan, with Swampy Marsh being a frequent guest star (sometimes bringing Dan Povenmire along). In this excerpt from a recent episode (“Happy Presidents Day”, uploaded February 17, 2013), Swampy comes along to give a sneak peek at a James Bond-inspired theme song for Doofenshmirtz’s rented lair that Whelan recorded for an upcoming episode.

Check out The Brian and Jill Show on its official website.

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    oh my GOD i’m excited to see and hear it all
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    1 YEAR!! Geez…such a tease!
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    IOHDBJCjsdckhsoicvuhsiDCNKLsdcmalsdcuwdiohwadnckl that sounded so much like shirley bassey oh my gosh this is so good...
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    Whoever said “OH MY GOD” when the song ended, pretty much my reaction because THAT SONG SOUNDS AMAZING HOLY CRAP I CAN’T...
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    Holy smokes Perry’s theme has some COMPETITION
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